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Whitedrake specialises in residential property sales to the investment community.
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Whitedrake Private Investor Initiative

The buy-to-let investment market is no longer exclusive to organizations and syndicates with large sums of cash to invest. Ordinary individuals now see the returns being achieved with relatively little cash outlay. More and more people are discovering that it is actually not that difficult as long as one has good advice, some cash to invest and a little courage.

The driving force behind the buy-to-let market is the supply of quality and most importantly high yield properties for investment. Whitedrake property sourcing is the company that private investors (individuals) and partners trust to supply them with a regular and consistent flow of high quality discounted properties that always deliver on the market's strict investment criteria. Our buying power is what gives us the ability to negotiate first-rate discounts which are past on to our private investors and partners. This significantly increases the returns on the investment and reduces the risk.

Want to get into buy to let property investments but know nothing about it, you can attend one of our familiarization webinars. Our webinars are a 45 minute introduction into the mechanics of buy to let investments. They are designed to help you make an informed decision on whether this is for you or not. If you just want to speak to someone, you are welcome to talk to our private investor team who will give you advice on how to get started.

If however you are an experienced investor and are looking at expanding your portfolio, we urge you to contact our private investor team. They will take you through our financial and commercial criteria when sourcing property. We are confident this will be to your satisfaction, and you will find our examples of property enticing. Once registered, you will have access to our latest properties which will be emailed to you within minutes of us negotiating and legally securing the development.

We do not charge for you to become a client nor do we charge monthly subscription fees. We simply source properties for our customers and partners for a fee per property. Therefore you have no risk or liability until you decide to purchase one of our properties. We are sure you won't find better discounts or yields on properties for investment.

Whitedrake's buying power, high yield properties and friendly team is what makes us the investors' favourite company to do business with. See what our private investors say.

Please note we do not provide or engage in seminars or education programs; the company exclusively sources properties for its private investors and partners.

Whitedrake Online - Market Leading Technology
Whitedrake has invested heavily in technology in order to realise its vision of an online collaborative community that facilitates the purchasing and drives the conveyancing process.

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Our business is all about performance, flexibility, professionalism and discretion. We invite you to experience it service for yourself.

Reference letters from developers are available on request.

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Selection of property recently sourced & sold

LocationUnitsGross ValueDate
  Liverpool (L13)   12  £1.6M  Mar 2007
  Sunderland (SR6)   19  £3.1M  Feb 2007
  London (SE17)   21  £7M  Jan 2007
  Luton (LU2)   23  £3M  Nov 2006
  Liverpool (L13)   30  £3.8M  Sep 2006
  Burton (DE14)   36  £4.8M  Jul 2006
  Birmingham (B12)   36  £6.4M  Jul 2006
  Newcastle (NE1)   42  £8.2M  Jun 2006
  Southampton (SO14)   41  £7.3M  Apr 2006