Residential Property

Whitedrake specialises in residential property sales to the investment community.
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Developers & Property Agents

The Property Investment market has matured to a point where most developers and agents have developed a strategy for investment sales. Whitedrake have worked with the largest PLCs to the youngest developers and agents from the dawn of this emerging market.

Whitedrake Performance:
Our record is one that we are proud of having sourced and sold more than 3,500 apartments (half a billion pounds GDV) since our inception in 2002. That, with transparency and a high level of service, have earned us the trust of many developers and agents with whom we still enjoy long and fruitful relationships with.

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Whitedrake Investment Community:
Whitedrake has amassed a large channel of property investors with a variety of requirements with an immense buying power. We cover a substantial portion of the active investor market in the UK.
Whitedrake invests heavily on growing and cultivating the channel.
Each development has a unique marketing campaign. Whitedrake's channel and resources are fully exploited to achieve our successful completion.

Whitedrake's channel includes the following:
  • 1,400+ Private Investors
  • 40+ Partners with 40,000+ Investors
  • 20+ Bulk Buyers
  • A handful of Investment Funds
  • 9,000+ Property Investor News subscribers. (Exclusive marketing rights)

Our coverage ensures your property has the best chance of being acquired without delay.

Purchasers, Deals and Property:
We have experience in every conceivable structure and permutation of deals. Whether you are looking for individual buyers/contracts or have an entire development you would like a single purchaser for, Whitedrake will perform. Please note that we only secure property that we are confident we have buyers for. This is how we have maintained our performance record.

Key points of the Whitedrake Service:
Our success and reputation is primarily built on our performance and unique service. Our service takes a development from cradle to grave, always being the driving force and coordinators for the entire process.

What we will do when we secure a development:
  • Financially analyse and package developments
  • Produce and package research to substantiate retail prices and rentals
  • Produce marketing material designed specifically for the investor community
  • Market to the Whitedrake Investment community
  • Whitedrake Partners (40,000+ Investors)
  • Investment Funds
  • Whitedrake Investor DB (1,400 Investors)
  • Other marketing (exclusive 'right to market' agreements)
  • Manage reservations
  • One point of contact for sales, marketing and sales progression
  • Own and manage every step to completion
  • The use of 'WHITEDRAKE Online', a web service for reservations and multi party collaboration.

Discount & Deal Structure
Discounts and deal structures vary widely to suit the circumstances. Whitedrake financial requirement for each development is driven by the lenders, rental coverage or by a bulk buyer's financial needs.

Whitedrake Online - Market Leading Technology
Whitedrake has invested heavily in technology in order to realise its vision of an online collaborative community that facilitates the purchasing and drives the conveyancing process.

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Our business is all about performance, flexibility, professionalism and discretion. We invite you to experience it service for yourself.

Reference letters from developers are available on request.

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Selection of property recently sourced & sold

LocationUnitsGross ValueDate
  Liverpool (L13)   12  £1.6M  Mar 2007
  Sunderland (SR6)   19  £3.1M  Feb 2007
  London (SE17)   21  £7M  Jan 2007
  Luton (LU2)   23  £3M  Nov 2006
  Liverpool (L13)   30  £3.8M  Sep 2006
  Burton (DE14)   36  £4.8M  Jul 2006
  Birmingham (B12)   36  £6.4M  Jul 2006
  Newcastle (NE1)   42  £8.2M  Jun 2006
  Southampton (SO14)   41  £7.3M  Apr 2006