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Terms and Conditions
1. Agree to be contacted by Whitedrake with latest developments for investment.
2. Agree to pay Whitedrake 2%+ VAT (minus any fees Whitedrake receives from the developer) of the retail sale price of any property acquired by the WPI and sourced by Whitedrake. Whitedrake will be explicit about its fees for every development offered.
3. Under no circumstance can a WPI contact a developer or agent regarding developments on offer.
4. Agree to pay all monies due to all relevant parties promptly.
5. Agree to keep Whitedrake information confidential including developments and logon details to the Whitedrake on-line reservation system.
6. Whitedrake have the right to revoke access to the on-line reservation system at any time.
7. Whitedrake have the right to terminate WPI status upon infringement of any of these terms.
8. Whitedrake commits to credit any person who refers a new private investor to Whitedrake with the entire finders? fee (due to Whitedrake) of the first property bought by the newly referred Private Investor. The credit note will be valid for one year and can be credited against any monies owed by the person to Whitedrake.