Commercial Property

Whitedrake has recently started a commercial property department after many requests to replicate our residential business service.

Our Focus:
We have chosen to focus on large commercial deals in Germany and London. These markets are politically and financially stable with substantial demand. Attractive yields are tougher to find in London verses Germany where it is still possible to find yields of 7%+.

The type of properties we are involved are Shopping Centres, Office Blocks, Hotels, Power Stations and other commercial property typically large attractive investment opportunities.

How we source our property:
Whitedrake works closely with a partner law firm that validates as much information as possible prior to us presenting them to the purchaser. This validates the deal (as much as possible) and increases the accuracy of the information we provide our customers.

Whitedrake along with its partners proactively scan the commercial market for off plan deals as well as being presented with deals directly from our contacts. If interesting, the opportunity goes through a process of due diligence and an attempt is made to secure the property exclusively. This is not always possible but investors are informed when the property is marketed.

The Process:
All commercial investors registered with Whitedrake are emailed a basic data sheet of the commercial opportunity. If there is interest, an NDA and fee agreement is entered into with the Purchaser prior to more detailed information being forwarded. If after further information the investor is interested in proceeding further, a meeting is arrangement with the vendor which typically accompanies a site visit. This is usually subject to the purchaser providing Whitedrake with a Letter of Intent (LOI) and Proof Of Funding. (POF).

The process then continues down the natural commercial path most appropriate to the vendor and purchaser. Throughout the process, the Purchaser (our customer) is accompanied by our most senior negotiator with many years experience in large commercial deals and high level business execution/management.

If you are a commercial property investor, please contact us for a further more in depth conversation regarding our service and your requirements.
We are also always eager to here from vendors looking to sell commercial sites, so please get in touch.

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