Whitedrake is a privately held profitable company established in April 2002 dedicated to sourcing and selling properties for investment.

The management team have applied their entrepreneurial experience and style to every aspect of the business, creating a company that is transparent and trustworthy, which consistently delivers and provides an exceptional level of service.

Whitedrake has been setting the standards for service and performance since its inception and it never stops.

These are the qualities the company is most proud of and we believe have helped to propel it in less than five years to one of the UK's top firms dealing in property investment.

There is no stronger testament to this then our performance of 3,500+ units (half a billion pounds) of property in under five years and the long term relationships Whitedrake still enjoys with its developers, agents, partners and investors.

Please note: Whitedrake does not provide or engage in seminars or education programs; the company exclusively sources and sells properties for the investment community.